In 1979, Lady Jeanne Sutherland, wife of the then British ambassador to Greece, Sir Iain Sutherland, came across a large, ancient column, lying on the mountainside above a home they had rented for the summer in the village of Ano Aetos, near Karystos in Euboea, Greece.


It was to spark a lifelong interest in Cippolino, Karystos’s unique green marble – and a decades-long search, on which she was often accompanied by her sister-in-law Anne Sutherland - which took her the length and breadth of Rome’s ancient empire, to research, identify and record the extraordinary spread of this beautiful marble.


In 2013 Jeanne’s definitive book on Cipollino, the summation of her study, was published by Archaeopress as part of the British Archaeological Press series. If you would like a copy of the book please see the box below with details of how to buy it.


This website is designed to bring Jeanne’s remarkable work to a new audience – and to encourage others to continue her search for, and recording of, examples of Cipollino.


We hope you will enjoy exploring Jeanne’s work – and join in the discussion on the forum.  We would also encourage you to report any sightings of Cipollino – and if you are not sure of your identification – post a photograph or two, to see if anyone can help.


A place to discuss and explore the Cipollino story – and an opportunity to post photographs of any new examples of Cipollino you find.  If you’ve found something that looks like Cipollino, but you’re not sure - you can post a photograph and consult the community.


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Jeanne’s book is available from Bar Publishing, the respected publishers of academic archaeology.  


You can order the book from them, priced £45.00, by clicking the image to the left which will take you to the publishers website


If you are looking at this as part of your studies, why not suggest your university or college library orders a copy.


A short video filmed in 2020 of Jeanne talking about her lifelong interest in Cipollino

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