List of maps

Fig 1 Map of Euboea
Fig 2 Map of main quarries
Fig 3 Diagram of main column at Aetos quarry
Fig 4 Map of Roman Empire at Caesar’s death
Fig 5 Map of Roman Empire at Trajan’s death
Fig 6 Plan of Hadrian’s Villa, Tivoli
Fig 7 Chart of statues of Roman Emperors
Fig 8 Villa Jovis, Capri
Fig 9 Hadrian’s Library, Athens
Fig 10 Ancient Corinth – map of site
Fig 11 Plan of the Ruins of Ephesus
Fig12 Plan of St Sophia, Istanbul
Fig 13 Map of Libyan coast showing archaeological sites
Fig 14 Plan of Sabratha
Fig 15 Plan of Leptis Magna
Fig 16 Map of Tunisia
Fig 17 Plan of Dougga
Fig 18 Plan of Thuburbo Maius
Fig 19 Diagram of Westminster Cathedrall