The ancient Greek site of Vavrona is a quiet tranquil place just north of Porto Rafti and not far from the Eleftheros Venizelos airport. It was an exclusively female sanctuary dedicated to the goddess Artemis and the most famous high priestess was Iphigenia, the daughter of Agamemnon, who was to be sacrificed to the God Poseidon, before the setting out of the Greek expedition to Troy. Mythology varies as to whether she was saved or not.At a distance of 500 m. and west of the Artemis sanctuary an early Christian three-aisled Basilica was built. ‘The wide centre aisle with the apse of the altar as its continuation at the eastern end is divided by two colonnades (with 7 Ionic columns each) from the ones on the side which do not end in an apse. Two among the seven columns have been restored. Their greenish marble comes from Karystos in Euboea’.13

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